Sycamore Increases Mobility with Family and Student Apps

Sycamore Increases Mobility with Family and Student Apps

Sycamore Education, the provider of web-based school management systems, has released a family app and a student app available via Sycamore School. The apps, which can both be downloaded through Google and Apple mobile marketplaces, give families and students an organized and efficient way of accessing data and information.


One of the biggest additions to the apps is their new interface. In each app, there is a “School” and “Personal” tab that allows for easier and quicker access to student grades, school news, cafeteria menu, classes, missing assignments, etc. A more user-friendly interface allows Sycamore users to be able to navigate the apps with minimal complications and difficulty.


Another added benefit of the apps is that they are free. The previous Sycamore app gave users the option to upgrade the app for additional features, and as a result, it cost a little more for the added upgrade. Sycamore has been known for its all-in-one packages, and this time around, everyone will have the same mobile experience included in the school’s cost of Sycamore.


It must be noted that during this transition to the new apps, users may experience difficulty logging in with the old version of the Sycamore app. To fix that problem, families and students are asked to remove the older version of the app on their mobile devices, and replace it with the correct family or student app.


With mobile devices playing such a prominent role in the world today, newly-designed apps are imperative for Sycamore to facilitate the accessibility that the family and student apps provide. In a matter of seconds, families and students can look up data and information that is vital to both academic and personal success. A staff app will also be released in the near future to give schools further availability in utilizing mobile features. Sycamore takes great pride in providing additional functionality with these new apps that will make Sycamore users’ tasks and responsibilities much more convenient.