With most students around the world already back in class, our team at Sycamore Education wanted to help ensure that students who have returned to the physical classroom are learning in a safe environment. While your school already has rigorous policies and procedures in place to help keep students safe while they’re in the classroom, we put together these COVID-19 tips for K-12 schools to help you cover all the bases.

  • Screen Students.  Daily screenings of students can include temperature checks, symptoms, possible exposure, travel details, and more. Tracking this data will be important in the event of an outbreak and should be readily available and easy to access.
  • Communication Is Key. Keep the lines of communication open between your families and the school. Make it easy for parents to update their child’s health status. Keep parents, students, and staff informed if and when alternate plans become necessary.
  • Share Credible Resources. Engage with other community leaders and keep your families updated about community resources as they become available. Share information only from reliable sources like your local or state health department, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control.
  • Think Locally. Keep the needs of your specific school in mind, as well as the needs of your families, students, and staff. The Sycamore School app includes a customizable questionnaire that you can modify to gather the right data for your school.
  • Establish Protocols. Establish a process or processes that can be easily followed in the event of an outbreak. These could include a sanitation checklist, contingency plans in case of quarantine, plans for transitioning to online classes and meetings, and event cancellations.

Download a PDF of the COVID-19 Tips for K-12 Schools.

Schools that use our all-in-one school management system, Sycamore School, will appreciate the new feature that was recently added: the COVID-19 Screening tool. This powerful new tool makes it easier for schools to collect and track students’ coronavirus-related data. This data can include student temperatures, possible COVID-19 exposure, current symptoms, and more.

School Administrators are in control of setting up their school’s custom screening questions and answers can be submitted by a student’s family or collected by school staff members. Here are some example questions:

Student’s Current Temperature: [Enter student’s temperature]

“Has your child been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?” (Yes or No checkbox)

“Has your child traveled more than 100 miles from your home in the last 14 days?” (Yes or No checkbox)

Sycamore developed the new COVID-19 Screening feature to help you ease into the new normal of screening your students. With the ability to track and monitor student temperatures, document family questionnaire forms, and export student data for recordkeeping, the COVID-19 Screening tool gives schools a trusted platform to monitor students’ health and prevent outbreaks.

To learn more about Sycamore School’s latest COVID-19 Screening feature, as well as how you streamline processes, enhance communication and reporting, and stay connected with our powerful distance learning tools, sign up for a demo to start your free trial today.

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