Sycamore's Powerful Distance Learning Tools Keep You Connected to Students Wherever They Learn

Sycamore’s proven school management system is a solid, affordable, all-in-one solution powerful enough to manage critical school operations and communications. Whether students are learning in the classroom or attending class remotely from home, Sycamore School’s powerful distance learning options help schools stay connected and continue teaching their students. There are many ways we can help your school manage during what may be the ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future.

Sycamore is a Google Cloud Partner

Sycamore Education +
Google Integration

Our integration with Google makes it easier for you to collaborate anywhere, manage classrooms with ease, and seamlessly administer your Google applications, all from within Sycamore’s easy-to-use interface.

Google Meet & Google Classroom

Google Meet +
Google Classroom

Google has integrated two of their most powerful tools for educations — Classroom and Meet — by putting both in one place. Sycamore School makes it easy to use both by making them accessible right from within the app.

Plan Lessons and Modules

Plan Lessons and Modules in Advance

Distance learning presents different challenges for both teachers and students. Organization and planning is even more important when your classroom is remote. Sycamore’s lesson plans can be created in advance for each day of the week, giving everyone a clear view of what’s ahead.

Design Your Own Curriculum

Design Your Own Class Curriculum

Sycamore School’s Curriculum Manager makes it easy for teachers to create and manage their own individualized curriculum. This includes documents, assignments, lesson plans, and more. Teachers are given plenty of creative freedom to create a curriculum that works for their class.

Modified Gradebook

Modified Gradebook for Distance Learning

Distance learning may, at times, require more flexibility when it comes to students’ grades. Sycamore’s gradebook can be modified to meet the needs of your students no matter where they are with the materials or what other work may be in process.

Collaborate with Discussion Board and White Board

Collaborate with Discussion Boards and Whiteboard

Discussion Boards and Whiteboards encourage collaboration within a Sycamore classroom. Many teachers use these spaces to help students engage in class materials and to continue connecting and communicating with one another.