District/Diocese Manager

District/Diocese Manager
  • Mine data and statistics from all schools within the district
  • Create an unlimited number of statistics
  • Create dynamic reports, which are exportable to Excel
  • Pull staff, student, and family data fromt the entire district
  • Streamline state and NCEA reporting
  • Instantly search for and view data on students, staff, and more
  • Powerful, dynamic district-wide reporting
  • Integrated calendars, news articles, and more
  • An entire suite of tools and features for school-to-school, and school-to-district communication, including text messaging, builit-in email client, our exclusive Pass-a-Note and more


Sycamore’s District Manager provides the district office with complete management of school, staff, family, and student data across an entire school district or Diocese. The District Manager is included at absolutely no cost to the district office.


This powerful feature gives the district office real-time access to important data on schools, attendance, students, employees, and more. For example, the district office can generate a real-time attendance report for the entire school district with the click of a mouse.

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