Exclusive Pass-A-Note Feature

Exclusive Pass-A-Note Feature
  • Provides for easy communication between administrators, teachers, parents, and students
  • Send to an individual or to an entire list with the click of a button
  • Can be sent as text messages to your cell phone
  • Allow the sender to confirm the message was delivered


Our users absolutely love Sycamore Education’s exclusive Pass-a-Note feature. The Pass-a-Note feature (PAN, for short) makes it easy for administrators, teachers, parents, and students to communicate. The PAN feature could be described as a cross between an email and an instant message, but with some great functionality added to the mix.


Pass-a-Notes can be sent to an individual, or to groups of people. Unlike email, PAN’s eliminate the risk of viruses, and they are highly customizable. Our clients have discovered that the Pass-a-Note feature significantly reduces the number of phone calls to the front office from parents.


From the PAN outbox, users can actually check to see if their note was delivered. They can also check to see if it was read, and/or deleted. So if the principal of a school sends a note to all the teachers, he can actually check to see who received it, and who read it.

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