Grade/Report Cards & Transcripts

Grade/Report Cards & Transcripts
  • Generate report cards for one student, or an entire class quickly
  • Reports are highly customizable – choose logos, colors, layout, etc.
  • Definable grades, including letter grades, attributes, percentages, weighted averages, and more
  • Multiple formats to choose from
  • Easily create dynamic, professional looking transcripts
  • Extremely flexible and highly customizable


Sycamore Education’s online student information and school management system allows schools to easily generate attractive, customizable reports cards.


Sycamore Education offers definable grades – letter grades, attributes, percentages, weighted averages, etc. And users can select from a wide variety of formats, such as academic grades, attributes, narrative evaluation grade cards and more.


Sycamore’s transcripts are customizable, highly configurable, and they are easy to generate. Create a transcript for one student or an entire class with the click of a button.

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