When it comes to school management systems, we often think about the increase in productivity, convenience, and organization. While those are a few of the many benefits of a comprehensive school management system, the security and protection of data is another significant advantage that should not be overlooked.

With confidential data pertaining to students, families, grades, online payments, and so much more, there are a variety of reasons as to why a secure school management system is a must for any school.

Protect Student Privacy

A safe and healthy learning environment for students is a top priority. Students should feel confident that their school is a secure and comfortable place for them to learn. It is imperative for a school management system to offer that same protection. As an example: a student’s lunch account should be kept private enough to only be visible to specific people. In Sycamore School, only administrators have access to view a student’s price plan — keeping that information as protected as possible. Special permissions can also be assigned — to a cafeteria manager, for example — to allow that employee to view a student’s price plan. This protection helps ensure that sensitive information is seen by as few people as possible with the data stored safely and securely within Sycamore.

Securely Accept Online Payments

In order to receive and apply payments for tuition, cafeteria plans, childcare, and more, it’s vital to utilize school management system software that is both safe and secure. Sycamore School integrates with several payment processing services like PayJunction, Paya, and PayPal to help schools process payments from families easily and securely. These payment processing integrations give schools the peace of mind knowing they can process payments through highly secure and strict payment gateways. Plus, they have the convenience of organizing and tracking these payments throughout the course of the school year.

Help Prevent Unauthorized Access

With data and information privately secured in a school management system database, established procedures are put in place to protect that data from unauthorized access. This is just another added benefit of a school management system that helps make sure your school’s data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. In addition to being able to assign specific permissions to non-administrators to protect student data, teachers are prohibited from having two login sessions open at the same time in Sycamore School. If a teacher tries to login to a new session, the oldest session running will be terminated via a timeout. That way, if a teacher’s credentials were compromised, changes to the teacher’s classroom or gradebook would not happen without the teacher being alerted of the timeout session. Administrators can also check system logs to see when a user logged in, for how long, and their IP address — just in case unauthorized access is suspected.

To learn more about how Sycamore can safely secure your school’s information and data, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today.

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