Managing admissions and enrollment is critical to schools but it is also a process that many schools dread. It can be challenging, tedious, and time consuming for both staff and families. A yearly process shouldn’t be this way and Sycamore is here to help with that!

In Sycamore’s school management system, we believe keeping the admissions process convenient and easy is critical to the success of your school. To support this process we recently released our newest update to our Admissions process, now called Admissions 2.0.

Below are some of the many ways Sycamore’s affordable school management system will save your school time, money, and resources by managing admissions and enrollment through Admissions 2.0.

Building Easy Applications

Building an application. Those three words may keep some admissions directors up at night, but in Admissions 2.0, it is a seamless process. Applications are divided into two categories: Entrance (for new students) and Enrollment (for returning students). Within each application, you have the ability to add required agreements, documents, essays, and more specific to that application. You also can create as many applications as needed. We understand there are questions you may ask a student in high school that you would not ask a student in elementary school (such as a driver’s license number), so we give you the opportunity to create different applications for different grade levels.

How Many Steps?

We are undoubtedly in the age of “click, click, buy.” With everything from banking to grocery shopping being completed online, efficiency has become more of a necessity than anything. As families are busier than they’ve ever been, we’ve made the enrollment process as quick and easy as possible with a 1-step process.We call it the 1-step process because families are asked to complete just one application. It’s quick and simple, there’s no monotonous paperwork to keep track of, and better yet, families can complete enrollment at their convenience by saving and coming back to where they left off. Please note, we also offer a 2-step process for those schools with more complex application procedures.

“How’s that application coming along?”

If you’re a hands-on learner, this one’s for you! We have several microlearning courses that we offer for any staff member at your school to take, free of charge. If you’re wanting to learn more about Cafeteria, Report Cards, Attendance, etc., we offer microlearning courses that will guide you through that process. Once you sign up for a course, you have access to that course for two weeks and can access the course 24/7 day or night, so whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you are covered!

Additional Support

Remember when families would complete enrollment applications via pen and paper, and you’d wonder for days and weeks if the  application got lost in the mail or if it’s just collecting dust on the kitchen counter? Fortunately, you can now see the status of a family’s enrollment process. The Admissions Overview page in Sycamore School gives you a summary of where each family’s application process is based on their system status (Open, Accepted, Pending, etc.) With those system statuses in place, you can easily track the progression of each family in their enrollment journey and, most importantly, you don’t have to rely on a filing cabinet to organize those applications.

To learn more about how Sycamore’s admissions process can help your school cut costs, save time, improve resource management, and make the application process easier for your school’s families, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today.

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