Sycamore Marketplace

The Sycamore Marketplace is where you can find all sorts of 3rd party applications that can enhance your Sycamore experience. These applications have been built using Sycamore’s robust API. If you would like to learn more about our API and 3rd party developer programs, click here.



Sycamore Home

Sycamore Home is an iOS app specifically designed for families. This cleanly designed app allows parents and students to view homework and grades while staying up to date with the school’s event calendar, news, and cafeteria information. This app was designed by Scholastic Connections, the first company to integrate with the Sycamore Education API.


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Sycamore Home Custom App

Designed to be a very powerful educational tool, the app that Scholastic Connections can create for your school has all the features that Sycamore Home has to offer, and much more. This app gives teachers the ability to take attendance, grade and create assignments, work on lesson plans, plan their month, and submit class lunch orders. All users will also have full access to Pass-A-Notes™, journals, your school’s directory, and safety alerts. In addition, this app will feature your school’s logo and school colors! Please visit Scholastic Connections’ site for a full list of features and to order your app.


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Whats For Lunch?

Whats For Lunch is a simple web application meant to do one thing and one thing only: show you what is for lunch today! You only have to log into the site once from your computer. Every time you visit the site after that, it will automatically grab the days lunch items and display them for you. It could save you minutes every day!


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