Online Gradebook

Online Gradebook
  • Teachers can access ALL of their information from any internet-connected computer
  • Efficiently records grades, assignments, lesson plans, and more
  • Flexible and dynamic grading scales, including points, weighted averages, skills-based, and more


Teachers absolutely LOVE Sycamore’s online gradebook feature. Sycamore’s school management software is completely web-based. That means teachers can securely access their gradebook from anywhere – at school, at home, the coffee shop, even halfway around the world.


Sycamore’s online gradebook streamlines the entire grading process – creating homework assignments, tests, and lessons plans; grading assignments and tests; posting grades; editing grades, and more. Teachers can even make tests available to students online. Our attractive user-interface is customizable, easy-to-learn, and even easier to use.


Sycamore Education is amazingly dynamic and flexible. Teachers can choose to utilize traditional academic grades, grade with attributes, or even grade using narrative evaluation. Sycamore supports multiple grading scales, and weighted grade averages. And adding, editing, or changing grades takes seconds.


Sycamore’s online gradebook is seamlessly integrated into the entire school management system, so data entered into the gradebook is instantly available to administrators, parents, and students.