Students & Families

We care about bringing students and families closer together! Sycamore’s online School Management System gives students and families access to grades, report cards, admissions, school documents, and more! Sycamore has the resources and communication tools to ensure each student and his/her family is involved in the academic process.


Parent Portal

  • Stay informed and connected through school news, schedules, calendars, lunch menus, newsletters, etc
  • Check account balances and securely make payments online
  • Easily monitor grades, missed assignments, attendance, and more
  • Log into the mobile app to monitor your student’s progress on-the-go
  • Sign up for parent-teacher conferences for each of your students

Parents can securely login to the system, and easily access a wide variety of information including: grades, schedules, assignments, attendance, school directories, and more. Further, they can even use Sycamore Education to make online payments.

In addition, parents can enter classrooms to view any calendar events, news articles, documents, and other noteworthy information accessible to parents inside the classroom. Sycamore’s main objective with the parent portal is to provide parents with a platform that establishes and continues an invested interest in their students’ academic careers.

School Documents/Calendars

  • Families can find important documents such as: newsletters, school supply lists, fundraising information, etc.
  • Families can also access documents pertaining to their student’s classes.
  • Students are able to access and download tests, assignments, and homework.
  • Students can see when assignments, tests, and projects are due on the calendar.
  • Families will see school events, closings, holidays, etc.
  • Can be viewed by month, week, or day.

When students and families access Sycamore, they have the opportunity to stay up-to-date with documents found on both the school homepage and the homepage of individual classrooms. By accessing these documents, families stay engaged with what’s happening at school, and it also allows students to continue their responsibility of taking charge in their own education.

Similarly, the school and classroom calendars can also be utilized to keep students/families in the know. When students/families log in and access the school calendar, they will see school-wide events that consist of school closings, holidays, assemblies, fundraisers, etc. Each classroom calendar will also have events listed that pertain to that specific class. This can include: field trips, parties, in-class activities, as well as assignments, tests, and projects that are due.

Student/Family Information

  • Simplify and streamline state reporting
  • All family data stored in one central location
  • Quickly organize and track demographics, health information, schedules, and more
  • Easily manage emergency contacts, authorized pickup information, medical alerts, and more
  • Create, track, and manage an unlimited number of statistics
  • Students can be connected to multiple families/groups

With paper-documented storage and filing cabinets quickly becoming obsolete, it’s never been more vital for data to be safely secured online. In Sycamore, family and student data is safely protected for this essential data to be managed, stored, and located in a central location in the family and student profiles.

A variety of information can be included on family and student profiles that far exceeds the basic information of name, address, phone numbers, etc. Additional information that can be featured on student/family profiles include: medical, lunch plans, attendance data, emergency contacts, authorized pickups, etc.

Comprehensive Communication

  • Built-in email clients allow users to efficiently create and send emails to one person or multiple
  • Exclusive Pass-a-Note feature makes it easy for staff, parents, and students to communicate
  • Display Flash News on the school and class homepages to notify staff, parents, and students of important announcements and events
  • Create news articles in both the school and classroom pages to engage in discussion/dialogue of multiple topics
  • Attach online links and videos to instruct and inform

Sycamore prides itself in offering a plethora of communication outlets to strengthen the relationships of parents, students, and teachers as it relates to education. An open discourse with a multitude of communication features helps ensure that all parties are informed and well-connected.

Upon logging into the system, users will also notice an Information section. This is where schools can link their website and social media addresses. It’s just another avenue schools can utilize to help make sure the communication lines stay open and the resources are always there to access for point-of-contact purposes.


Additional Features

Our comprehensive system is packed full of even more helpful features designed to save time and energy! Some of these impactful tools include: School Documents, School Information, School News, Service Manager, Attendance Manager, Address Book, Bar Code Scanner, Cafeteria Manager, Directories, Disclipine Tracker, LMS, Library Manager, Safety Alerts, Online Payments, Exclusive Pass-A-Note, Human Resources, and many more!