There is nothing more important than the health and safety of students. We know the efforts schools take everyday to ensure students are learning in a healthy and safe environment. 

It’s equally important to have a dialogue and open communication with families about each student’s health and well-being. At Sycamore Education’s school management system, we want to do our part to help streamline this communication. We have an easy-to-use COVID-19 Screening form that allows both parents and the school to submit students’ health data.

We’ll detail how to access the screening, the benefits for both schools and parents, and accessing the screening from mobile devices.

How to Access COVID-19 Screening

School administrators are in charge of constructing the COVID-19 Screening, which they will first access by going to, which is Sycamore School 3.0. Since each school likely has a slightly different set of rules and protocols, administrators can customize the screening. This includes creating their own set of sections and items on the screening. Once they have compiled the screening, administrators can turn on Parent Access.

It couldn’t be easier for parents to access the COVID-19 Screening. Once administrators have enabled Parent Access, families will see a “Complete the COVID-19 health screening for today” link on the desktop homepage. Families can then fill out a quick questionnaire consisting of close contacts, symptoms, temperature checks, etc.

Advantages for Schools and Parents

On the school side, administrators are able to generate reports via CSV files or Google Sheets. This enables the school to view data for all students. This way schools can quickly sort and categorize students who happen to have symptoms, are close contacts, etc. Of equal significance, schools can administer and document multiple temperature checks throughout the day. Some schools require temperature tracking for their students on a regular basis. The COVID-19 Screening form gives schools the option to use this feature in meeting that temperature check requirement.

There are many advantages to parents utilizing the COVID-19 Screening. One of those advantages is how quick the screening takes to complete. It’s no secret how busy parents are, which is why we designed the screening to take a matter of seconds. Once the screening is complete, a green checkmark will be placed next to the student as a confirmation that the screening has been successfully submitted. Not only is it an efficient process, but it also gives parents the peace of mind that the school is doing everything they can to help keep students safe and healthy.

Mobile Devices

What’s also convenient about the screening is that it can be accessed on mobile devices via the web app. This makes it easy for families to submit screening forms for their students on-the-go. School administrators can also sign into the web app to submit a quick screening, track a student’s temperature, add to the COVID-19 screening form, and much more. Because our web app is a progressive app, parents and administrators alike can simply go to on any device. 

What’s Coming?

At Sycamore School’s comprehensive school management system, we are committed to providing the necessary tools and resources to help keep student health and safety as a priority. Our newest module moving to version 3.0 soon — Medical — the new name for Nurse’s Office, is further evidence of that. The Medical module will give schools an updated, user-friendly way to track and report student health information better than they ever could before.

To learn more about the COVID-19 Screening and the exciting changes coming to the Medical module in version 3.0, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today.

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