Sycamore Education Adds Google Classroom Coursework Integration

Sycamore Education Adds Google Classroom Coursework Integration

Sycamore Education, the provider of web-based school management systems and an Early Access Partner (EAP) for Google Classroom, has increased its integration with Google Apps for Education. The newest integration, Google Classroom Coursework (later referred to as Coursework), allows data involving assignments and grades to be synced from Google Classroom into Sycamore’s PK-12 education solution, Sycamore School.  


While the Coursework integration is new, the partnership between Google and Sycamore Education is strong. Schools are able to utilize many of the Google Apps for Education tools in Sycamore School, including Google Classroom. Google Classroom, a popular Google Apps for Education feature among educators, allows teachers to create, collect, grade, and return assignments. As a result of this extensive and popular integration, Sycamore was chosen by Google to be an Early Access Partner.  


Sycamore’s goal has always been to offer comprehensive resources and quality integrations to assist schools. Since Sycamore became integrated with Google Apps for Education, schools across the United States and around the world have had the ability to merge their school data with Google features and tools.  


Sycamore School is proud and excited to be the initial school management system to kickstart the new integration. When a teacher creates assignments or enters grades in Google Classroom, Coursework allows that information to be easily transferred into the teacher’s grade book in Sycamore.  Most notably, this will save teachers time by eliminating the need to transfer grades manually, or through an export/import process. Teachers utilize Google Classroom as a learning platform and rely on their school management system to store academic data and create reports. Through the connection of Google Classroom and Sycamore School, teachers can take advantage of a multitude of online learning tools that work together and create a cohesive workflow.


As Google Apps for Education continues to add additional functionality, Sycamore Education remains committed to continue building a long-lasting partnership and providing schools with the most complete, functional school management system.


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