Sycamore Proud to Introduce New, All-Inclusive Mobile App

Sycamore Proud to Introduce New, All-Inclusive Mobile App

It is with great pleasure to announce the launch of the new Sycamore mobile app! Over the summer months, our mobile app team was hard at work to develop an app that would make teachers’, families’, and students’ day-to-day Sycamore activities both easier and more accessible.


Unlike the previous Sycamore apps, which had three different apps for teachers, families, and students, the new Sycamore app is one, all-inclusive app that houses teacher, family, and student data together.


How this works is when a Sycamore user logs in, the system recognizes who the user is based on the credentials they provide. This is one of the many improvements we’ve made to simplify the app for our Sycamore users.


Another significant feature we added was incorporating custom school colors and logo. That way, when users log in, there will be some much-needed color to the app, as they will see their school colors and logo appear upon login.


When teachers log in, their classes will appear, as normal, where they can access their gradebook, assignments, attendance, etc. Teachers can also view both the Family and Employee Directories, as well, which is a new feature many will find helpful in accessing family and employee information.


Families can log in and view student grades, classes, Pass-a-Notes, etc. — very similar to the old app. However, an innovative feature families now have is the ability to view financial information and account balances. This includes: Cafeteria, Childcare, Tuition, and any other account balances a family may have.


Students will log in and be able to see their classes, missing assignments, cafeteria menu, etc. A new feature for students — that is also accessible for parents — is a My Service Logs section. This allows students to view their logs or put in volunteer hours. It’s a great feature for students to easily track their hours and volunteer work — especially students trying to boost their résumé for college.


At Sycamore Education, we strive to improve each and every day, which is why we are so proud to initiate the release of our new mobile app. Mobile apps and devices have never been more prevalent than they are now, so we owe it to our Sycamore users to release an app that is user-friendly and convenient. We hope you enjoy the improvements and fixes we’ve made to the new app, as customer satisfaction and reliability for our products continue to be our number one priority.