State reporting has a variety of different requirements for states all over the country. Depending on your school district and state, that will determine the reporting requirements. Like the state of Indiana, Wisconsin follows under the umbrella of Ed-Fi state reporting. Specifically, Wisconsin’s Ed-Fi state reporting is known as WISEdata.

WISEdata is an open data collection system that allows school districts, charter schools, and private schools to submit data to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) from the student information system vendor of their choice. Sycamore School is one of the best WISEdata vendors to help schools successfully submit data to meet state requirements.

We’ll give a brief overview of WISEdata’s goals, their vision and reasons for this reporting process, and how Sycamore can help Wisconsin schools meet their goal of certification.

WISEdata Goals

WISEdata has a wide range of goals and objectives. First and foremost, the Wisconsin DPI’s main purpose for instituting WISEdata was to create a more modern approach. By partnering with student information systems, like Sycamore School, schools can automate data to send to the DPI. This eliminates the need for an abundance of file exports, and saves a significant amount of time in the process.

Data integrity is also a critical component to WISEdata. This makes working with a credible and reliable student information system that much more important. Data needs to be high-quality, confidential, and most importantly, accurate. With Sycamore School, data for all reported students is housed securely and safely in our system with limited administrative access. Additionally, our dedicated WISEdata support team works with schools to help alleviate any errors. As a result, this ensures the quality and accuracy of the student data.

The WISEdata Vision

State reporting in any format can be laborious and time-consuming. However, the Wisconsin DPI has a vision and reasoning for their state reporting requirements. Ultimately, their plan is to use the highest quality of data to improve the educational experience. With the proper and organized data collection in place, the state can better protect student privacy, help improve student development over time, and eliminate the overload of maintenance in collecting data through a streamlined process.

How Sycamore School Can Help

As previously mentioned, our WISEdata team is here to help remedy any data errors for our Wisconsin schools. We pride ourselves on having a close relationship with our schools. For each snapshot (deadline), we’ll send a support ticket to our Wisconsin schools detailing the specific demographics and data needed for the upcoming snapshot. This helps us make sure we’re effectively communicating to our WISEdata schools the tasks that need to be completed. It also helps our schools know that we’re doing everything we can to assist in the certification process.

Much like our integration with Indiana Data Exchange, we keep in regular contact with the Wisconsin DPI. We do our due diligence in attending all scheduled meetings. In addition, our team works with the DPI to ensure Sycamore School meets all deadlines and certification as an SIS vendor. We have met all requirements thus far in the WISEdata process, and look forward to working closely with the Wisconsin DPI for many years to come.

Sycamore School’s open communication with our schools and the Wisconsin DPI help rate us as one of the best WISEdata vendors. If you’re a Wisconsin school looking for a school management system to help support your state reporting needs, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today.

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