There are many states that require state reporting on a variety of levels. Indiana, for example, requires schools to submit data and results-driven information to the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). In the state of Indiana, this is known as Data Exchange.

To help submit this data to the state level, schools must partner with their school management systems to help successfully sync and report. Sycamore Education’s school management system, Sycamore School, is one of the top-rated systems when it comes to Ed-Fi state reporting. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to help ensure schools have accurate data and are certified to meet requirements.

We’ll give an overview of why Indiana implemented Data Exchange for their schools, and how Sycamore School supports this implementation every step of the way.

Why did Indiana mandate Data Exchange?

The Data Exchange project started back in 2018 when the state wanted to provide a more efficient solution for data transfer and submission. Previously, schools would import and export data via spreadsheets. With a more modern approach, schools are now able to automatically transfer data to the IDOE. Instead of submitting collections of data, this expedites the process to make it easier for schools to report.

How important is it to have accurate data and meet deadlines?

It is vitally important for data to be accurate. Schools receive funding from the IDOE for each student’s socioeconomic requirements. That’s why it’s so essential for schools to take Data Exchange seriously and work with the IDOE and Sycamore School to ensure the data is accurate. Deadlines are also of equal importance. Schools submit data through various deadlines, also known as snapshots. With each snapshot, schools progress through the Data Exchange process pending approval from the IDOE.

How does Sycamore meet these needs?

The state of Indiana has an abundance of schools that utilize Sycamore School. That means we have to do our part to receive certification and Data Exchange compliance. Our team works directly with the IDOE to meet all requirements. To earn certification status, our team sends data to the IDOE to confirm we’re meeting deadlines and certification. The IDOE refers to it as the “badging process.” Once a school management system receives ten badges, they are fully certified for Data Exchange. Sycamore School has received all of the allotted badges thus far in the Data Exchange process.

Why is Sycamore School one of the best Data Exchange school management systems?

We’ve heard from a number of Indiana schools that Sycamore School is one of the best Data Exchange school management systems. There are a variety of reasons for this. We actively work with the IDOE to meet all requirements and deadlines. This means attending all scheduled meetings with the IDOE to stay informed and up-to-date on any potential changes. 

Our success is also credited to our excellent customer service. Our support team is detailed, we do our homework and we have the school’s best interest in mind. State reporting and Data Exchange can be an overwhelming process, but our support team is always here to assist. We keep the communication lines open with both the IDOE and our Indiana schools to make sure everyone is doing their part to reach the ultimate goal of certification.

Sycamore School’s close relationship with the IDOE and our top-rated customer service make us one of the best school management systems to support Data Exchange. If you’re an Indiana school looking for a school management system to help support your state reporting needs, please schedule a demo to start your free trial today.

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