Sycamore Short Cut Series – Parents

In today’s day and age, it’s never been easier to be up-to-date and actively involved in your child’s academic career. Instead of having to wait until parent/teacher conferences to see how your child was doing in class, in just a few minutes, you can access grades assignments, attendance data, etc. At Sycamore Education, we firmly believe that an interest in your child’s academic career creates an environment of enthusiasm and motivation for the child to succeed. With that being said, we have a multitude of tips and tricks to ensure that parents can stay actively engaged in their students’ academic careers in a timely and productive manner.



We know how busy parents can be. With jobs, making dinner, helping with homework, and running each child around from one extracurricular activity to the next, schedules can be overwhelming. This is why it is our goal to make accessing Sycamore for parents as easy and quick as possible. Upon logging into Sycamore, parents will notice pictures of their student(s) on the top-right of the homepage. Hovering over those pictures will present drop-down menus that include: Profile, Documents, Grades, Schedule, Attendance, and Homework/Assignments. These drop-down menus allow parents to check grades, attendance, schedule, etc., in one click of a button, which saves a tremendous amount of time and far less clicking.


While parents can navigate through a variety of different features, grades will almost always be the top priority. Most parents know where to find their student(s) overall grades in the Grades tab of each student’s profile, but some parents may not know that assignment grades can be viewed, too. When looking at grades, there will be letter grades highlighted in blue. By clicking on these letter grades, this will bring up the graded assignments that detail why a student has that particular overall grade.

Assignments that are excused/absent, missing/late, or dropped will also be highlighted, so that is additional information that is beneficial for parents to know and keep track of.


As is the case in almost any kind of relationship, communication is key, and the communication from parents to the school and vice versa is no exception. The Pass-A-Note feature is a vital way to keep those communication lines open. When a parent logs in and goes to Pass-A-Note | Employees, parents can send a PAN to a teacher as a means of communicating about a student’s grade, upcoming test/project, behavior in class, etc. Similarly, if a teacher needs to contact parents for any of those reasons listed, the teacher can send a PAN and the parents will receive this note immediately upon logging into Sycamore. Notifications are another valuable resource that parents can utilize.


As long as the school turns parent-enabled notifications on, parents can log in and go to My Family | Contacts.  Once here, the primary parents can click on their names, and they will be directed to the Notifications tab. This is where they will be able to sign up for attendance and grade notifications to be sent to their email address when a notification is triggered. These notifications help keep parents informed that their students are making it to class in a punctual manner, as well as achieving the grades they are expected to achieve.


Blake Kavan | Support Specialist/Copywriter



Look for more tips like these throughout the fall as we continue with the Sycamore Short Cut Series!