Communication is an essential component for every school. When it comes to administration, teachers, families and students, everyone needs to be on the same page and well-connected. With schools now operating via distance learning and e-learning, communication is even more critical.

Sycamore Education’s comprehensive school management system has a variety of communicative tools to help ensure schools are keeping the lines of communication not only during these unique and trying times, but always.

Sending Reliable and Dependable Communication in Mass

As is the case with any emergency or crisis situation, sending out communication in the most effective and efficient way possible is always a priority. Sycamore’s batch email communication can do just that. Schools can choose SparkPost or their own SMTP server to disseminate information to families and students. Not only can school administrators send emails to all families, but teachers can also email families and students within each of their classrooms. If an urgent message needs to be sent quickly to a large number of recipients, Sycamore’s batch email is the resource to help make that happen.

Sycamore’s Exclusive Pass-A-Notes

Direct access and instant feedback has never been more important than it is now. This is where Sycamore’s Pass-A-Note feature comes into play. Unlike batch email, parents and students also have the ability to send a Pass-A-Note (PAN). Let’s say a student had a question about an assignment. Since walking up to the teacher’s desk is not an option during distance learning, the student can send the teacher a PAN. As long as the teacher is logged into Sycamore, a pop-up will appear notifying the teacher of the PAN message. To further the lines of communication, PANs can also be forwarded to email and cellular devices. That way, even if users are not actively in Sycamore, they can still receive PAN messages in a timely manner.

Fun, Colorful and Informative News Articles

At a time like this, news articles are proven to be a teacher’s best friend. Just close your eyes and imagine a classroom for a brief few seconds. You probably picture lots of color and images, bulletin board items and plenty of reminders. Sycamore’s news articles can provide all of that and then some.

Within a teacher’s classroom, teachers have the ability to create news articles for students and parents to see. Distance learning students are no longer able to see bulletin boards, daily reminders, birthdays, etc., on a daily basis, so news articles can fill that void. Teachers can post news articles that include weekly agendas, homework, objectives, goals, etc. Essentially, anything they want their students and families to know. That way, both students and parents know exactly what is happening in the classroom for a given week.

To learn more about how Sycamore can help strengthen the lines of communication during distance learning, make sure to sign up for a webinar at your earliest convenience.

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