We give teachers freedom! Sycamore Education’s online School Management System is completely web-based, so teachers can access ALL of their information from any internet-connected PC or Mac.



Discipline Tracking

  • Maintain consistency and retain organized, accurate records regarding disciplinary actions
  • Create violations and consequences, and log daily discipline events for each student.
  • Send information to parents with details of any violation and the resulting consequences.
  • Create violations for multiple students simultaneously, if necessary.

In the course of a school year, it’d be nearly impossible to track disciplinary points, violations, and detentions by hand. This is why Sycamore’s discipline tracking makes it so easy and convenient for teachers to record this disciplinary documentation in a secure and organized manner inside the classroom.

Another benefit of Sycamore’s discipline tracking is the ability to notify discipline managers, the family, and the student who committed the violation. When a discipline record is created, teachers can send PANs to the above users, so that way, everyone is informed of the violation, how the violation occurred, and how it can hopefully be avoided in the future.


  • Teachers can place lunch orders for students right in the classroom.
  • Teachers can order lunches for themselves.
  • Parents who order lunches for their students will show up on the day it was ordered.
  • A la Carte items can be placed for students and teachers.

One of the advantages teachers have is the ability to order lunch for their students directly from the classroom. The available meals will be compiled on the screen, and teachers will simply be able to order from these selections for each student, as well as their milk orders. Lunch notes can also be written in case the teacher has a message to send to the lunchroom manager.

Additionally, teachers can order A la Carte orders from the classroom, which includes food items outside the menu. In ordering these items, any allergies will display if the particular student suffers from or is susceptible to a certain food item. Keep in mind that A la Carte items will only show if the A la Carte box has been checked by the administration in Cafeteria Mgr | Menu.

Online Gradebook/Reporting

  • Generate report cards for one student, or an entire class quickly
  • Definable grades, including letter grades, attributes, percentages, weighted averages, and more
  • Choose from multiple formats
  • Easily create dynamic, professional-looking transcripts
  • Extremely flexible and highly customizable
  • Efficiently records grades, assignments, lesson plans, and more
  • Flexible and dynamic grading scales, including: points, weighted averages, skills-based, and so forth.

With the days of pen/paper in the rear-view mirror, the accessibility of the online grade book has never been more important. Teachers can create assignments, lesson plans, document and edit grades, configure their grading structure, etc., in both an effective and efficient manner. Grade comments – which pull onto report cards for each student – can also be added by the teacher.

Report cards can be chosen from a variety of different formats that include: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Attribute, Narrative Evaluation, so forth. In equal significance, transcripts generated for each grade level are sent to student documents where they can be accessed for students through their academic careers.

Classroom Management

  • Teachers have complete control over class homepages, grade books, lesson plans, assignments, and more
  • Create and maintain news articles and calendars specific to a class
  • ALL information in Sycamore is accessible from any computer with an internet connection
  • Teachers can make lunch notes and submit lunch orders for students in each classroom
  • Run numerous reports inside the classroom that include: Progress, Verification, Attendance, Dynamic Student, etc.

In our system, each teacher can enjoy the convenience of their own unique classroom. They’ll be able to take attendance, submit lunch orders, create lesson plans, and the list goes on. Educators can also create class links, videos, and implement Flash News to run across their page to enhance the learning environment for students and parents that access the classroom.

It’s not uncommon, especially in Elementary classrooms, for multiple teachers to teach the same class, which is why we offer the ability for multiple teachers to be added to a classroom. In doing so, these additional classroom teachers will have the ability to access the classroom and perform all the same functions as the primary teacher.


Additional Features

Our comprehensive system is packed full of even more helpful features designed to save time and energy! Some of these impactful tools include: School Documents, School Information, School News, Service Manager, Attendance Manager, Address Book, Bar Code Scanner, Cafeteria Manager, Directories, Disclipine Tracker, LMS, Library Manager, Safety Alerts, Online Payments, Exclusive Pass-A-Note, Human Resources, and many more!